Our Production Process


From the very start, Costadoro embraced the philosophy that states that in order to do things properly one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the product, to constantly seek out the best raw materials on the market, to undertake a precise selection process and have a strong desire that drives one towards constant improvement and innovation.

Costadoro’s experts choose and purchase the best quality products on the market directly in countries of origin so as to offer their customers only the finest coffee beans that grow between the two Tropics.

Roasting coffee is an essential step to guarantee a superior quality product which meets all the requirements of taste and aroma; Costadoro slow-roasts coffee (around 20 minutes) at low temperatures (210°-220°C), ensuring that beans are evenly roasted inside and out.

Beans are roasted separately according to each type, because coffee beans from different origins require different roasting times and temperatures. For Costadoro, even cooling beans is an art they excel in: they are only air-cooled, and this produces beans with less moisture leading to a better end result: you can get up to 142 cups of espresso coffee from only 1 kg of Costadoro coffee.

Then coffee has to go through another selection process, based on a fine balance between electronics, visual and mechanical systems, used to identify and immediately discard unsuitable beans on the basis of their colour. Moreover, Costadoro was the first company in Italy to use the brand new Sortex Z+1BL, which scans coffee beans according to shape and size.